Frogger 2: Swampy’s Revenge

ConsolePlayStation (PS)
Genre Action
Region WW
Publisher Hasbro Interactive
Released15 September 2000

The main objective of Frogger 2: Swampy’s Revenge is to conquer the levels and search for the required objects (characters or items). Compared to other versions of Frogger Series, this game is designed to be somewhat more complicated. Each level is built with a larger area and has many different areas to explore. Besides, the game’s level system is designed in a linear format. Also new to this game is that it offers two characters to choose from, Frogger and Lillie Frog. Swampy’s Revenge has two main game modes, Story and Multiplayer. With Story Mode, each level will offer the task of finding five members of the Lillie Frog family. Meanwhile, the player will have to move reasonably to search for the character and avoid the pitfalls. Along with finding the missing characters, you are also involved in the task of collecting 25 special coins. The above coins will be hidden at various positions in each level and collecting enough coins will bring attractive rewards. As for Multiplayer, the game offers challenges for two players, and everyone must support each other to complete the challenge.

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