Jersey Devil

Jersey Devil
Console PlayStation (PS)
Publisher Konami , Ocean Software , SCEA
Genre Platformer
Region EU , JP , US
Views 57
Downloads 28
Released PAL: December 12, 1997
NA: June 1, 1998
JP: June 24, 1999
5/5 (1 vote)
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To prevent the world from being invaded by a mutant army of monsters and mutant vegetables by Doctor Kraft, Jersey Devil must collect individual items at various stages. In addition to finding things, Jersey also had to eliminate the enemies present along the way. Participating in the game, everyone can control the character with a third perspective and perform challenges in scenes in the 3D environment (allowing the character to move in different directions).
Along the way of each stage, players will be faced with monsters, gaps or traps. At that time, everyone can perform attacks (using punches) to knock down enemies, jump into the air to overcome the trap. In particular, people can fly in the air for a short time to overcome gaps with great distances. Besides, Jersey is equipped with a vitality bar, and it is displayed at the top of the screen. Therefore, everyone must carefully observe the surroundings in the process of moving; each collision with traps or enemies will cause a portion of the life force to be removed. To revitalise, everyone needs to collect yellow pumpkins.

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