Madden NFL 99

ConsolePlayStation (PS)
Genre Sport
Region US , EU , JP
Publisher EA Sports
ReleasedJuly 31, 1998

Madden NFL 99 is a popular sports game developed by EA Sports and first released on the PlayStation version in 1998. The game simulates the top rugby matches in the tournament. Like previous sports games, Madden NFL 99 has two main modes: one player and two players. In single-player mode, they can select a team from the list of competing teams to practice and participate in the tournament. Quick match mode will give them experience adjusting the squad accordingly. After a period of practice, players can join the tournament with many other teams. Players will change the formation accordingly or attack depending on their opponents. This helps them control the ball well and take effective attacks. At the end of each match, the organizing committee will give the score that each team receives. Over many matches in the group stage, the two teams with the highest scores won the right to participate in the final round. The champion’s prize is the prestigious trophy and in-game prize. Different from the one player mode, the two-player mode allows them to show off their skills without any set tasks.

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