Nintendo DS ROM Pack – 7184 NDS Game Collection

Nintendo DS ROM Pack – 7184 NDS Game Collection
Console PlayStation (PS)
Publisher Nintendo
Genre Other
Region WW
Views 5,281
Downloads 2,687
Released 20/1/2020
4/5 (79 votes)
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Nintendo DS (often referred to as DS) is a handheld game console manufactured and released by Nintendo. First launched on November 21, 2004, in North America and other regions a few months later. Since its launch, DS has created a fever that makes it one of the three main product lines of Nintendo. In addition, DS also has backward compatibility with the games on Game Boy Advance, which makes it accidentally become a very successful descendant of the old Game Boy system. A more compact version called DS Lite and a larger version, the Nintendo DSi XL was also released later, two of it contributing to the total sales of all DS models to more than 154 million units. So far, DS is still holding the first position on the list of best-selling handheld game consoles and only behind PS2 in the rankings for gaming consoles.

The design of the DS is the most remarkable point that makes it completely different from the rest of the gaming systems of the time. It is equipped with two LCD monitors operating in parallel, the bottom screen is also equipped with advanced touch technology. DS buttons include a navigation button on the left, four action buttons “A”, “B”, “X”, “Y” on the right and two “L” “R” buttons on the top. There is also a stylus that allows the user to operate on the touch screen more accurately. DS games are also extremely rich, plus the compatibility with the games of the Game Boy system, making the number of games becoming more diverse. In addition to its unique design, DS also owns a lot of extremely interesting games. The most popular names can be mentioned Asphalt Urban GT, Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver and more than 2100 other games that you can select.

Thanks to the development of technology and talented programmers, you can now play DS-specific games through a variety of devices from new consoles, computers and even is my phone anytime, anywhere through the emulator application.

NDS Emulators for Android: RetroArch

NDS Emulators for Mac OS X: DeSmuME, OpenEmu

NDS Emulators for Windows: DeSmuME, iDeaS, RetroArch

Important Information

  • Total file: 7184
  • Format: .NDS FILE
  • Pass unzip: or

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hey man, all links are down. hope you can put'em back up again
Reply -
Motoharu Yano
can i have all the korg ds 10 games please
Reply -
hey, sorry to bother, but all links are down! hope you can reupload it!
Reply -
i have the same problem that RickFlag, when downloading from Mozilla or Jdownloader 2 it restarts at around 40Gb, it happened four times already. please, it's an amazing gamepack, and everybody knows it's annoying as f*ck to reupload all that Gbs, but please give us a hand. cheers for the hard work
Reply -
hey, amazing post, but don't you think parts 3 and 5 are waaaay too big? please, reupload them splitted. thanks for everything!
Reply -
Tremendo trabajo, felicidades por la recoleccion de tantos roms! existe la posibilidad de subir las partes 3 y 5 por la mitad, no se terminan de descargar ni desde el navegador ni desde gestor de descargas. saludos y gracias!
Reply -
Can I have all the U.S. ver. pokemon games please! Thank you so much!
Reply -
C Thomas
is there a password fr the protected files?
Reply -
could you upload phoenix wright trials & tribulations? thanks :)
Reply -
Holy crap! That's 245GB. Can I download some games separately.
Reply -
Speak out the games you need: D
Reply -