Parasite Eve II

Parasite Eve II
Console PlayStation (PS)
Publisher Square
Genre Action , Role-Playing
Region WW
Views 292
Downloads 95
Released December 16, 1999
5/5 (1 vote)
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With the success of the previous version, Parasite Eve II was released shortly thereafter but still retained the unique role-playing action game. In this version, mysterious details have been added to the story of the game. The game centers around the main character named Aya Brea, who is a member of the FBI. In the cold winter weather, Aya Brea and her organization carried out a secret mission that was to investigate the Akropolis tower in central Los Angeles. At the Akropolis tower, Aya Brea will face a dangerous gangster gang, and they are equipped with many modern weapons. In a successful break-in, Aya Brea discovered a terrifying secret that the gang is working to create a lot of mutants with a combination of humans and animals. Aya Brea reported the situation to the organization. After that, the secret organization will come up with new plans to quickly eliminate dangerous terrorists. With the new graphics technology, the developer has created very nice and out-of-place combat locations with the player’s imagination. Regarding the appearance of the characters in the game, the game focuses on children so the characters are simulated very funny and close to the player. The movements in the game have also been improved due to the obvious improvement compared to the previous version because the upgrading and optimization of the algorithm are more appropriate.

Upon entering the game, players will control their characters flexibly to the right, to the left, jumping up and bending down. Aya Brea will be equipped with the necessary weapons such as guns, armor, grenades … When players move on the map, you will encounter enemies your task is to immediately destroy them. If you do not defeat enemies will inform each other to a large force you will encounter many difficulties. When defeating enemies, players will receive a sum of money and you can use them at the store to upgrade your equipment. If the player’s character is destroyed, the player will have to play from the beginning. Upon completion of the game, players will receive items and they will be used the next time they play. The game with mysterious details, will bring players a sense of curiosity and excitement.

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