Pokemon Emerald Balanced Edition (Pokemon Emerald Hack)

Console PlayStation (PS)
Genre Role-Playing
Region WW
Publisher Gegalix
Released Unknown



  • All 387 Pokemon are available
  • Pokemon hold items more often, and give more Experience
  • Honchkrow has been added to the game
  • All Pokemon have revamped movepools, abilities and a BST of 600
  • All Pokemon have newer Sprites and Icons
  • New Pokedex Entries have been added for Generation 3 Pokemon
  • A few Pokemon have been re-typed
  • Trade Evolutions have been removed
  • Trainers are somewhat more difficult and their teams have more variety
  • Moves have been revamped
  • Pokemon Types have been revamped
  • EV Training Spots have been added to the game

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