Street Fighter Alpha 3

ConsolePlayStation (PS)
Genre Fighting
Region US , EU , JP
Publisher Capcom
ReleasedJune 29, 1998

Street Fighter Alpha 3 is an adventure action game developed and released by Capcom for PlayStation in 1998. The game provides 18 characters for players to choose and control. Unlike the version released a year ago, the developer removed two manual and automatic modes from the game. Instead, the developer has added three new game modes so that players can choose A-ims, X-ims, and V-ims. Based on previous versions of the Alpha series, the A-ims game mode allows the player the ability to attack continuously and create combos with three levels. With each combo level, the character’s attack ability will be significantly increased. Players will have to quickly attack the opponent to increase their combo level. The other two modes are similar to the A-ims mode. However, the two modes of X-ims and V-ims will have a higher combo level than the A-ims mode. The offensive ability will increase and the defense of each character will be reduced in the order of the three modes of A-ims, X-ims, and V-ims.

Each character will have 20 separate moves to attack the opponent, the attack is performed when you control the character close to the opponent and press the attack button. The combination of joystick combinations will create different attacks. You can perform a variety of combos to keep and attack your opponent continuously. In addition, there are advanced attack moves such as attacking the ground, attacking in the air and running to attack.

In addition, the game has a feature that replays the action when you weaken the opponent. The game will play a slow video showing your attack causing the player to be defeated or lose a large amount of HP. Besides, the replay video will have effects to increase the interest of the player. You will win if you take the opponent out of the ring and cannot return in 20 seconds from the time the opponent exits the floor. However, if both characters leave the ring for more than 20 seconds, no one will win. In addition, you can also win when the opponent runs out of HP. Players can also play single or play together. In single-player mode, you will win the game once you have defeated all the other fighters in the game. During the game, the player has the option to further improve their control technique through the game’s instructions. The double player mode is the same as the single-player mode. Each player will choose a character and the two selected characters must be different. The difference from single-player mode is that the screen width will be larger.

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