Test Drive 6

ConsolePlayStation (PS)
Genre Racing
Region WW
Publisher Infogrames North America
Released 31 October 1999

Test Drive 6 is a racing game released for the PlayStation in 1999 by Pitbull Syndicate. This is the 6th game in the Test Drive racing game series. The game includes many different types of cars for players to choose and includes 27 different tracks. In the game, you will choose the tournament in which you participate. Each tournament has different difficulty levels and challenges. Players will use existing racing cars or design a car to compete with virtual characters in the races. In the early stages of the race, the player can use Turbo to drive the car to achieve the highest speed. In races, players can also use energy items collected on the track to allow your vehicle to move more flexibly. On the track, there will be power-ups. Players will collect and use it to gain an advantage compared to other riders. Support items are divided into four categories to support players: Hazard, Projectile, Turbo, and Shield. The player can collect up to three power boosters, which increases the ability of that power member. The HUD system of the game will display the player’s position, the number of laps, the time, and support items that the player has collected.

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