Console PlayStation (PS)
Publisher Ocean Software
Genre Other , Strategy
Region EU , JP , US
Views 72
Downloads 23
Released NA: 1996
EU: November, 1995
JP: February 28, 1997
5/5 (2 votes)
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The content of Worms (1995) will focus on group combat missions. In it, players will control a group of characters, and the goal is to defeat many different enemies on the map. To fight, the game is designed with more than 50 different weapons for everyone to use. Besides weapons, the game also provides several simple support items to use and offers various advantages during combat.
With the form of turn-based competition, players need to observe the terrain of the playground and choose the appropriate weapons to attack the enemy. After many attacks, the territory of the playing field will be changed. Meanwhile, players must use new strategies and defences. The game encourages players to use many different weapons to be able to deal more damage and quickly defeat the enemy. Enemies can be removed from the playing field in two ways. The first was a fierce attack and reduced their vitality to zero. The second way is to quickly destroy the surrounding terrain and cause enemies to fall into the sea.
In addition to playing in turns, the game also allows the characters on the playground to move freely to different positions. People can move by walking or using teleport able items, Ninja Rope and Bungee.

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