WWF SmackDown!

Console PlayStation (PS)
Genre Sport , Fighting
Region US , EU , JP
Publisher THQ
Released NA: 2 March 2000
EU: 14 April 2000
JP: 3 August 2000

WWE SmackDown is a professional wrestling game released and developed by Yuke Entertainment. Join the game, and you will play one of the punches of the WWW system. The task of the player is to fight with AI-controlled opponents to win the championship. The character will have many movements to attack the opponent, and the attack is performed when you control the character to approach the opponent and press the attack button. The combination of joystick combinations creates different attacks and is diverse in number. You can perform a variety of combos to keep and attack your opponent continuously. Also, there are advanced attack moves, such as attacking the ground, attacking in the air, and running to attack. Besides, players can use objects lying on the floor to attack the opponent. A match between two opponents takes place quickly or slowly, depending on the level of handling the situation of the player. You can find your opponent’s weaknesses by skipping special moves that focus on the opponent’s range and timing of attacks. At certain points in the game, you can launch a blow that deals massive damage capable of taking 25-40% of the enemy’s HP. In addition to a normal match, there are some matches involving a maximum of 6 participants.

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