Console PlayStation (PS)
Publisher Squaresoft
Genre Role-Playing
Region WW
Views 1,358
Downloads 759
Released February 11, 1998
5/5 (3 votes)
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Xenogears is an immersive action game released in 1998 by Square for PlayStation. The game is about a fictional character named Fei Fong Wong and his friends. They travel the world to uncover the mysteries and overthrow the rule of the evil almighty Solaris. When Fei Fong Wong was young, he was robbed by a mysterious masked man and placed Fei Fong Wong in a small village called Lahan. Under the circumstances of the peaceful Lahan village being attacked, Fei Fong Wong and the villagers had to stand up to fight. He used a device to fight the enemy. Unable to control his power, he accidentally destroyed the entire village. Later, Fei Fong Wong met an officer named Elly. He says he is the one who knows about Fei Fong Wong’s past and is also the commander of the attack on the village of Lahan to unlock his hidden power. While an unknown red device is attacking Bart and Citan, Fei Fong Wong loses control of his device again. After waking up, he is locked up in Kislev Prison. Thanks to the help of new friends including the prisoners of Kislev Prison. However, he and Elly are separated from the group and were shot by Bart with a gun. In the end, they were rescued and arrived in a famous city, Thames.
After a number of incidents, Fei Fong Wong gradually learns the secrets about himself and his mission to destroy Solaris.

The game also has similar gameplay to the Final Fantasy game. The screen will switch to the battle mode when a battle starts. Enemies will be displayed in front of the screen opposite to the characters in the game. The battle will take place in the familiar Turn-Base style. If one team is completely destroyed, the other team wins. In addition to the characters using weapons to cause physical attacks, these characters can use the special skills of the devices. All character attacks are calculated using AP points. The character will consume AP points depending on whether the attack is strong or weak. At early levels, a character can only use up to three AP points per attack. However, each character can use up to 7 AP points at higher levels.

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