Dead Nation

Console PS Vita
Genre Other
Region WW
Publisher Sony Computer Entertainment
Released April 15, 2014

Dead Nation is a video game released by Sony Computer Entertainment on the PS Vita platform in 2014. The content of the Dead Nation revolves around the world, almost reaching the end of the world due to the zombie pandemic. You will transform into a person in that world and have to fight zombies to survive. In the game, when you kill zombies, you are rewarded with points, and you can earn extra money to buy or upgrade weapons at control points. You can also earn extra ammunition, money, or armor when playing levels. The tasks you need to do are also varied from destroying all zombies in an area to defending against attacks. The number of enemies is a lot, so pay attention to the characteristics of zombies, such as being attracted to light and pre-verbs so that there are reasonable tactics to pass the level.

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