Killzone Mercenary

Killzone Mercenary
Console PS Vita
Publisher Sony Computer Entertainment
Genre Other
Region WW
Views 3,637
Downloads 3,165
Released 4 September 2013
4.7/5 (13 votes)
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Killzone: Mercenary is a first-person shooter genre video game on PS, brought to players by Guerrilla Cambridge in 2013. The game uses the touch screen and rear touch panel of PS Vita. Entering the game, the player becomes a mercenary and performs tasks that ordinary soldiers cannot do. You are tasked with rescuing an admiral from rebel forces, with the support of Ambassador Sepp Harkin. Despite the casualties, the mission is considered successful. But the war continues to spread to many other countries, so there are many difficult missions waiting for you ahead. With Playing Killzone: Mercenary, you can enjoy a mix of hiding, and action. This requires you to have good coordination, both evading the enemy to go deeper, and destroy them. You can unlock weapons to increase your power, helping the player to support more to complete the mission. There are also plenty of other game modes, with more challenging level versions so you can continue to conquer.

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