Ragnarok Odyssey

Console PS Vita
Genre Role-Playing
Region WW
Publisher GungHo Online Entertainment
Released August 29, 2013

Ragnarok Odyssey is an immersive genre video game produced by Game Arts supported on the PS Vita platform. The game was brought to the player for the first time in 2012. Ragnarok Odyssey brings together all the elements of an RPG, from power, search and death to create items, and interact with NPC characters to do quests. There are 6 character classes that players can choose, and each character class will have different abilities. A special system included in Ragnarok Odyssey is the card system. You can use this card to equip costumes, weapons to increase strength as well as increase the power of skills. You will receive a card when defeating enemies or buying directly from the store. Attractive game modes await the player ahead.

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