Gunstar Heroes

Gunstar Heroes
Console Sega Genesis
Publisher SEGA
Genre Other
Region EU , JP , US
Views 60
Downloads 18
Released September 10, 1993
5/5 (1 vote)
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The plot of the game differs between Japanese and Western versions, but I would prefer the Japanese version as it is a stepping stone to develop the story for later versions. The story begins when an evil organization has developed a weapon of destruction called God of Ruin that caused the destruction of countless cities. The angry Gunstar’s defeated the God of Ruin and sealed his body on the moon, but then they also exhausted and fell asleep. Years after the cruel General Gray learned the existence of God of Ruin, he freed God of Ruin, leaving the world once again in danger of extinction. The Gunstar now awoke and had to fight again. The gameplay is similar to Konami’s Contra game, you can choose to play single and collaborate with two people. Here you will have to fight the vast army of enemies and their powerful weapons. There are many actions that characters can perform such as running, tumbling, sliding, and throwing enemies. There are four different types of weapons including homing shot, lightning blaster, flamethrower, and machine gun, they can be found during play.

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