Console Sega Genesis
Genre Platformer
Region US , EU
Publisher SEGA
Released NA: October 24, 1995
EU: November 30, 1995

The context takes place in 2049, at which time humans have migrated to another planet to live on and leave the “orbots” on Earth for the purpose of disposing of the garbage they left behind. Controlling the other orbots is a high-class orbit called Raster. But one-day Raster accidentally gets hit by a nuclear rocket that drives him crazy. Named Warhead, he declares rule over Earth and will destroy any human who dares set foot on the planet again. Vectorman, an orbots returning to Earth after a long journey, suddenly finds his homeland controlled by Warhead. As Vectorman, you will have to fight other orbots in order to stop the Warhead and bring peace to the world. With a simple action platformer and 2D graphics, you will have to overcome obstacles and fight the enemies. Your weapon is a gun inside the arm, but in the process of playing you will also be upgraded to other guns including the machine gun, bolo gun, and triple-fire gun. With the body made of spheres, you can also transform into different shapes depending on each situation such as a drill, bomb, etc.

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