Zombies Ate My Neighbors

Console Sega Genesis
Genre Other
Region US
Publisher Konami
Released NA: July 1993
PAL: January 27, 1994

Game is set in a fictional city, and a chemical spill has occurred in the cemetery, causing the dead to become zombies and attack the living. Join the game; you will be able to choose between two characters Zeke and Julie, or both if two players are playing. Your task is to rescue the survivors who are stuck between monsters when you rescue them. Get all the other people in the curtain, and then a door will open and take you to the next level. With each game screen, you will encounter different types of monsters like werewolves, UFOs, vampires, etc. There are many weapons you can pick up along the way, such as silver utensils, crosses, flamethrowers, etc. And each will have the effect of corresponding to a type of enemy; in addition, many items help support combat such as health boosters, others turn you into powerful monsters, etc.

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