Act Raiser 2

Genre Action
Region US , EU
Publisher Ubisoft

Act Raiser 2 is a platform game released for SNES. It has a plot that is not very relevant to the previous version but still contains concepts drawn from religious epics. The game only offers a single-player mode with platform actions that scroll from left to right. The main character of the game is a Master, and this is a god specializing in controlling floating palaces and monitoring the lives of people. Knowing that the people below the Earth were in danger and being possessed by demons, the Master descended upon the Earth to fight the false devils and drive them away. There are many dangerous lands you need to go through. In each of these lands, two types of youkai will appear. One example is the relatively weak little demons, which appear right from the start. The one born of evil is more dangerous; they are taken after you have killed all the little devils. The Master only has two primary weapons: a sword and a shield with the most commonly used moves, flying, jumping. However, this physical power is weak, so the Master often uses his magic power. Each region, the Master will use different magic with its energy characteristics. Location characteristics limit most magic.

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