Console SNES
Publisher ELF Corporation
Genre Role-Playing
Region US
Views 164
Downloads 0
Released 1993
2.5/5 (7 votes)

ADULT MANGA 2 is an RPG game released by ELF Corporation. It has a content based on the novel of the same name. This is a game that contains mild pornographic elements, or hentai, so the game has age restrictions. It is about a high school boy, and he needs to find a girlfriend for a set amount of time. There were 15 different girls brought out, some of his classmates and some from the same city. He will meet these girls, make friends with them, and find a girl that suits him. When both are ready for a deeper relationship, he will have a true girlfriend. This is a visual novel. For each character you choose, the game will have a different ending. Besides, for each situation, different choices will turn the story into other directions. The game also will not have the operational sequences of characters, so you do not need to worry about character control flexibility. Most of the time, you’ll just need to read the captions on the screen. It could be a conversation, a monologue of the character, or a situation or narration. Some quotes may be omitted quickly, while some other words, you will have to make choices and then be omitted so as not to affect the process of the story.

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