Advanced Dungeons & Dragons – Eye of the Beholder

Genre Role-Playing
Region US
Publisher Nintendo

Advanced Dungeons & Dragons – Eye of the Beholder is a classic dungeon hack game in the action role-playing genre. Players are allowed to create characters that they will control, customize their faces, hair colours, costumes and choose a career in four main classes including clergy, warriors, thieves and witches. Each career class has its unique characteristics and magic, as well as weapons. In the beginning, the task is investigating some strange events happening in the city that originated from sewers in the Waterdeep city. But as soon as you step down, you will encounter a massive earthquake, and the maintenance hole is filled with rocks. Underneath those drains, players have to battle countless randomly generated monsters (even though you can never kill them all), but the more you kill, the more EXP you’ll earn. .While wandering under those drains, characters can be exhausted but not always safe to rest, and they face the risk of food shortages. However, if in your team, there is a missionary who reaches level 3, the character can learn the spell “create food”.

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