Alien 3

Alien 3
Console SNES
Publisher Acclaim Entertainment
Genre Other
Region EU , JP , US
Views 13
Released 1993
0/5 (0 votes)
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The game has an action platform with a side-scrolling combat system. Joining the game, you will control Ellen Ripley, a human character moving through the colony of Fiorina Prison 161. The main activities of the player are jumping, shooting, climbing, crawling, opening doors, using vehicles. In addition, players have an arsenal of diverse genres, such as pulse rifles, flamethrowers, grenades, and a monitor that warning danger whenever enemies come near. Initially, the target will be selected, and all layouts are designed according to that goal. The specific objective of the game is to prevent aliens from entering the prison and rescue prisoners. In the process of moving, you will encounter many animals, and you need to destroy them before they kill you. After being shot, they can revive in the old place after a specific time. Moving around the prison basement helps you find prisoners and rescue them by touching them. Each level has a limited time. When the time is up, and you have not completed the mission, you will die and have to challenge the scale from the beginning. There are six stages given, including the password for each step. The steam will end after the battle between Ellen and the alien queen.

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