Art Of Fighting

Genre Action
Region EU
Publisher SNK

Art Of Fighting is a martial arts action game. The game modes provided are a one-person story mode, one-on-one mode against the computer, one-person mode with two players. Besides, before starting the game, you can also customize the difficulty level of the matches, see how to control the character, limit the playing time, how many rounds a game is, etc. The game will give you ten characters, and you only need to choose one character to compete. Each character has its characteristics, strength, fighting style, and techniques. But they all use the main technique is punch and kick. These moves will be combined with suitable movement methods. There is also a technique to attack the opponent’s spirit that is mocking tactics. It will make the opponent’s mental measure less. In addition to the main mission, the game also provides extra rounds. Winning these rounds, players will learn a new attack called the super attack. When you’re almost out of the blood and about to lose to a place where you can perform a desperate attack to get it to eat, then fall to 0. The game has relatively nice graphics, especially the feature of enlarging image details when two characters come close to each other is very appreciated.

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