Console SNES
Publisher Infogrames
Genre Platformer
Region EU
Downloads 3
Released 1995
5/5 (1 vote)
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ASTERIX & OBELIX is a platform game based on the famous animated film The Vikings. There are two main game modes offered, single and multiplayer, with up to two players. The only two characters that can be controlled in this game are ASTERIX and OBELIX. The game has a side-scrolling system. There are many locations taking place in the game are England, Switzerland, Grecia, Egypt, Hispania… At each stage, you must fight the enemy during the move. You can see them appearing in front, behind or above, and they can also hide in the bushes. Also, killing some wildlife will help you gain more food. Collecting money during the move is indispensable. You can also destroy the ladder to get money and items. Some locations are contiguous lands. However, others are separated by the sea, so you will need to cross the sea to reach the next location. The main skill of the character is to turn and fight. The amount of money in each game is predefined, and you need to earn them to move to the next location. In the process of moving, many serious difficulties, Arabian traps will appear. You can also select terrain features that give you an advantage.

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