Batman Forever

Console SNES
Genre Action
Region US , EU
Publisher Acclaim Entertainment
Released 1995

Do you know and admire Batman superhero? If the answer is no, you can try Batman Forever to learn more about this hero. If the answer is yes, this game is the choice for you. This is a fighting game. Joining into the game, you will play the role of one of two characters, Batman and Robin. Each character has its characteristics and strength. In addition, they own a variety of weapons with characteristics of type, weight, speed. The game will provide you with modes such as a normal game, single-player or two-player mode, control methods, … With single-player mode, you will play one of the two characters and participate in the battle in stages. Many different battle locations will appear. Comes with them are many types of private enemies. The moves that the character uses are modeled similar to the powers of the original character. As for the two-player mode, you will control one character, and the other character will be controlled by your companion or AI. The game will give you some utilities on each level.

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