Genre Action
Region US
Publisher SunSoft

BATMAN – REVENGE OF THE JOKER is an action game with a plot based on the movie of the same name. The game begins with the scene of Joker escaping from Arkham Asylum, and he cooperates with many other mercenaries with the plot to destroy Gotham City. Join the game, and you will control the character Batman defeat these bad guys to protect Gotham City. The game uses the system to scroll side by side from left to right. You will fight and survive through many different levels. Five stages are corresponding to the five bosses you need to defeat. Of course, the main boss is the Joker with the warhead missile containing deadly air. Our main characters are equipped with many utility features to make it easier to collect some items. Batman fights by shooting at enemies. Different types of bullets will be collected during the move. Not only do the enemies appear in front of you, but they also drop from the sky through the planes. When you get hit by an enemy bullet, you get minus points. The game only offers a single-player mode. In addition to the normal levels, the game offers a password mode to help you get back to playing previously passed parts.

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