Battle Cars

Battle Cars
Console SNES
Publisher Namco
Genre Racing
Region US
Downloads 0
Released 1993
5/5 (1 vote)
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Battle Cars is a game that simulates future car races. Here, the cars equipped with many advanced equipment and weapons such as rockets, grenade launchers, sliding discs, … The game offers two main game modes, single-player and multiplayer. With single-player mode, initially, you are at level one. You will level up when you pass the level challenge with increasing difficulty. There are nine main levels given in the game with two tracks for each of these levels, including single track and cross country track. In two-player mode, you can control a vehicle, and your partner can control one vehicle together across the road or two people can compete through confrontation in matches. At first, you can choose one of three available cars, this vehicle will follow you to battle on the tracks throughout the game. You can customize the characteristics of your vehicle. Each vehicle has its weapons and speed characteristics. After earning the prize from the first race, you can use it to upgrade your car. Level 8 is the maximum level of each vehicle. There are three types of weapons provided for the vehicle, and they can upgrade to level 5. You will control the fully equipped cars and knockdown enemies on each track.

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