Captain Commando

Console SNES
Genre Action
Region US , EU , JP
Publisher Capcom
Released 1995

Captain Commando is a fighting game and released by Capcon.
The game is set in a future city called Metro City. This place is full of criminals, and they always cause disorder orders. A superhero Captain Commando appears with three friends to defeat them and return peace to Earth and other planets. At the beginning of the game, you can choose the single-player or two-player mode. Customizations for the game are made, and here you can choose easy, normal or difficult levels for your battles. There are four characters that you can control are Mummy Commando, Captain Commando, Ninja Commando and Baby Commando. In single-player mode, you can only choose a character to fight. The match takes place in many different locations. Overcoming challenges in this location, you will unlock the next area. With each challenge, you will fight with different types of enemies. Initially, you only use melee moves, such as punching and kicking. You will receive more combat weapons when breaking some corrugated iron on the way. In addition, health supplements can be found in the same way.

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