Captain Tsubasa 4

Captain Tsubasa 4
Console SNES
Publisher Tecmo
Genre Sport
Region JP
Views 42
Downloads 6
Released 1993
5/5 (1 vote)
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This game is a game developed on the famous manga of the same name – Captain Tsubasa. This is the fourth installment of the original Captain Tsubasa game series and the sequel to Captain Tsubasa III: Kotei no Chosen.  It is an RPG / Strategy and Action sports game. After Tsubasa and Ishizaki return to Japan to play for the nation’s Scudetto, players will be able to participate in the Japanese Super Cup. From here, one player is created, used for all matches.  A player alone does not form a team, and Tsubasa is no exception. Tsubasa is very lucky because he is from Japan, a country famous for great generations of football players. Players like Misaki, Jito, and Hyuga will team up with Tsubasa to form one of the best Japanese teams. When Tsubasa won the tournament at home and met his teammates, it was then the game that started. The national championship is just an appetizer, designed to show off the skills of each character and to help you familiarize yourself with the complex game engine. The tutorial process is quite long, and it will help you better understand the characters you own. Everything then heated up as soon as the Japanese team was present. Choose the best Japanese players, form your team, devise an excellent strategy for your team, and continue to conquer the world. Not only is it easy, but your opponent is also always better than you in every game, and you need to level up before being crushed.

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