Genre Action
Region US , EU , JP
Publisher Interplay Productions

Casper is a collection of 7 games in the action-adventure genre with the main storyline mostly based on the movie of the same name. First Windows / Macintosh, released in May 1996. As a fun game directed at children from 4-8 years of age, genre adventure novel visual form. There, players will follow the story through subtitles and choose a plot development direction. The second game is Super Nintendo Entertainment System; the player will control Casper to overcome obstacles and protect Kat Harvey. It is quite similar to other Casper games, but you cannot control Casper too far from Harvey. If you do not comply, she will immediately be kidnapped by the ghost of Carrigan, and you lose. In 3rd place, we have Super Famicom. You will mainly control Ket Harvey and protect Casper from the Carrigan Crittenden and Dibs. During the game, you must also pay attention to collect items to complete the mission. The fourth is the quartet Sega Saturn, 3DO, PlayStation, and Game Boy Color. This is the most appreciated quartet in the Casper collection, all developed based on the original storyline and the next part of the previous three-game series.

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