Desert Strike – Return To The Gulf

Genre Action
Region US , EU
Publisher Electronic Arts
ReleasedFebruary 1992

If you are bored with simple adventure games, intelligence,… and are looking for a highly entertaining game, then Desert Strike – Return To The Gulf is a great choice for you. Inspired by the Gulf War combined with simulating the conflict between poisons in the Middle East, the game will surely make you overwhelmed with the epic battle scene. Entering the game, you will control an AH-64 Apache helicopter. But space stops there; players will have to control the plane and use guns to destroy opponents, rescue hostages. Allowing players to participate from an isometric view, watching the battle from outside of the helicopter (instead of from the cockpit), is the unique feature of this version. A certain amount of armour will protect the aircraft, if the number of armour drops to zero, your fighter will explode, and the character will pay the cost of living. There are many types of weapons, but the character needs to choose the weapons that best suit the matches because weapons with a strong attack will not be able to carry much and vice versa.

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