Donkey Kong Country – Competition Cartridge

Genre Platformer
Region US
Publisher Nintendo

Donkey Kong Country – Competition Cartridge, an adventure, role-playing game. With simple gameplay, familiar, attractive images, the game promises to bring a great experience for all players. Entering the game, you will be given the choice of role-playing animals; of course, each animal will have a unique skill. Two modes allow you to choose: single-player mode and community mode. Single-player mode where you will compete alone exceeds the required level (appears before the game) will win. Each stage will take place within five minutes; the main character’s task is to move and eat the bananas appear. The more points you eat, the higher the bonus points, and gold coins can appear, so be careful to collect them! Community mode, you can invite friends to join the competition. The characters will move on the same path after 5 minutes, which has a higher score (eat more bananas) will win. Winning in this mode will help you receive a huge amount of bonuses, easily unlocking new characters.

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