Final Fight 2

Console SNES
Genre Action
Region US , EU
Publisher Capcom
Released 1993

If you are bored with modern 3D graphics and want to “find your childhood”, Final Fight 2 is the perfect choice for you. A classic game with a clever combination of role-playing series with action style, recreating dramatic and exciting battles, Final Fight 2 promises to give players the best experience. Action style, fighting rolls scene still in the middle of the vow in this version. With two modes: 2 people and three people, the game creates its charm. Your purpose revolves around competing for power in the state of Mad Gear and rescuing his sister. Compared to its predecessor, only one character from Part 1 is revealed to be Mike Haggar, plus Carlos and Maki Genryusai will be released. The player who controls Carlos or Maki fights with enemies on the expansion of the Hong Kong arena, and each character has its own skills and abilities, so you need to consider choosing a character. Featuring 2-player combo mode, the game will require thorough use of tactics combining strength among you and your teammates.

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