Final Fight

Console SNES
Genre Action
Region US , EU , JP
Publisher Capcom
Released 1991

The game is a fighting action genre launched by Capcom. It is set in a simulated city called Metro City. Joining into the game, you can control one of the characters: Mike Haggar (former mayor of the city or also known as a former professional wrestler), Cody (Mike’s daughter), Guy (you Cody’s body). Your mission is to rescue Haggar, Jessica’s daughter from the hands of Mad Gears Gang. The game consists of six stages and two additional bonus stages. Each stage takes place at various locations of Metro City. Each stage has many levels ranging from easy to difficult. Besides, each stage has a boss, and you need to defeat this guy to complete the stage. The game also offers you two game modes, single-player and multiplayer, with up to two players. Each character in the game has a different attribute and fighting style. The characters are not immortal, and they have their blood scale. This scale is also visible to enemies. When hit, this ladder will decrease points gradually. A scale reduced to 0 would be equal to an opponent that was defeated, or you died. The main basic moves of the characters are: hitting, jumping, throwing…

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