Console SNES
Genre Adventure
Region US , EU , DE
Publisher Capcom
Released 1993

The game is an action-adventure game with characters based on an animated set of the same name. The game offers you single-player and multi-player modes. Joining the game, and you will be able to choose one of two characters, Goofy and Max, to control. The game set in an island called Spoonerville.The game gives you five challenges at different locations on the island: on the beach, in a village surrounded by bad guys, an old haunted castle, a cave, pirate ship. Max and Goofy have different strengths and features. Max is more about speed, and Goofy is more about damage. Each stage will have many different levels with increasing difficulty. In each level, you need to avoid bad guys or fight them to go to the next level. During the move, you will pick up many different items. It could be some coconuts used to fight enemies or some other fruit complementary power. Collecting a sufficient amount of fruit ill help you add extra life. Besides, you can collect red and blue diamonds. With the two-player mode, when one of the two characters dies, it is still possible to revive and continue to play. However, if both characters die, they can not revive.

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