Knights Of The Round

Console SNES
Genre Beat 'em up
Region US , EU
Publisher Capcom
Released 1994

Knights Of The Round is an action role-playing game and the second version of the Tower of Doom. This game has a fighting system as well as somewhat similar gameplay with Dungeon and Dragons: Shadow over Mystara (although judged to be less attractive). With the plot revolving around the journey of the three knights Lancelot, Percival, and Arthur on the way to complete the quest to restore the Holy Grail to depose the evil Garibaldi king, reunify the country. In each battle, the player must not only confront the enemy but also have to block upcoming attacks. However, it will be easier to breathe when you have mastered the exact time to block (it will take a while to gain such skill). The player must skillfully use the attack button in combination with the rear control, do not maintain the attack button for too long because it will cause the character to be blocked until exhausted, which makes it easier to attack. This version also adds some new characters as well as special features of each person. In which Percival is the strongest, Lancelot is the fastest, and Arthur is like a combination of those two, in addition to many other characters who are tasked to support the three main characters.

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