Console SNES
Publisher Capcom
Genre Platformer
Region EU , US
Views 421
Downloads 153
Released 1995
5/5 (1 vote)
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Caption continues to release a new game genre called MEGA MAN action X 2. It takes place in the future Earth where robots have extremely developed and known collectively as the Reploids. At this time, people and Reploids are trying to live together in peace. However, there still exist some evil robots “Maverick” who always want to harm people. The protagonist of the game is Android X, a hero also known as the Maverick hunter. He saved humanity from a previous battle and is now an assassin in the conspiracy of the Hunter X team of 3 Maverick. They took advantage of Zero’s body, an ally of X who died from the previous battle. Join the game, and you will be selected one of the eight available stages to start the main battle. Initially, X was only equipped with some abilities such as running, jumping, climbing walls,… and some low-level weapons. However, after each battle and kill the boss of each stage, he will receive completely new weapons with great damage. The road to the boss of X is also hazardous when there are many enemies and traps from the terrain. Also on these roads, you can collect some resuscitation items and increase the power of weapons.

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