NBA Live ’98

Console SNES
Genre Sport
Region US
Publisher Electronic Arts
Released 1997

NBA Live 98 is the fourth game of the NBA Live sports basketball game series. This game based on the National Basketball Association. As the fourth part, the game introduces many new mechanisms and improvements, including many passing methods. Or new features include a comprehensive control system, allowing players to choose between dunk or layup or transfer to any teammate at the press of a button. With the advent of 3D players, in-game movements are made by very famous NBA players like Tim Hardaway, Mitch Richmond, Larry Johnson, Joe Dumars and Christian Laettner. Scrolling methods allow rotation, diagonal, back and forth, making fake shadows and more according to pre-programmed commands. The player lock allows controlling a designated character on the field. The new GM mode selects franchises for players, sketches or custom selects the season. There are four levels of difficulty for players to explore, including the latest Superstar difficulty level, along with an improved AI that gives the player more flexibility and a more accurate throwing index. Programs like EA Graphics Editor allow updating almost every visual aspect of the game easily. This will significantly improve gameplay and can experience more NBA live matches than any previous game.

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