Genre Simulator
Region US , EU
Publisher Nintendo

Pilotwings is a video game developed and released by Nintendo for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. This is an amateur flight simulator game, in which you will try to get a pilot’s license through gentle tests on a flight route such as light flight, gliding, skydiving, and using Rocket belt. Each game event provides unique controls and mechanics. Moreover, to increase the authenticity of the flight simulation, developers specifically use the Mode 7 capability of the SNES version, which is simulated by 3D, to improve reality. Pilotwings will train you in a field called “Flight Club”, the main goal is to pass each training area, each region has different events, which can be developed in any order. After completing or not achieving the goal, you will earn points and receive comments about the level of improvement from the instructor and the scores based on criteria such as time to complete the event, degree accuracy of fighting skills, or accomplishing certain goals. And having completed some of the first Secret Command missions will unlock the harder and more rigorous scoring goals needed to advance in Pilotwings Expert mode, the conditions of playing in inclement weather such as snow and stronger winds.

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