Genre Platformer
Region US , EU , JP
Publisher Nintendo/ Capcom

Pinocchio is a wooden puppet created by the old carpenter Mister Geppetto in a small Italian village. Although he was just a wooden puppet, he always wished to become a real, flesh-and-blood boy one day. Pinocchio is considered as a symbol of modern culture, one of the most recreated characters in the children’s treasure of literature. Inspired by this character and the story revolving around him, developer Virgin Interactive has released the fascinating Pinocchio game in the category of adventure puzzles for children. In addition to the main task of participating in solving the system puzzles, players can follow the adventure story of Pinocchio puppet through subtitles in levels. The player controls Pinocchio and travels through many new lands according to the original storyline. During the adventure, you will encounter many problems, and the system requires solving new puzzles to pass. As a childhood of many people, with the friendly and close Pinocchio character, the game is extremely accessible and well worth the experience.

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