Street Fighter II – The World Warrior

Console SNES
Genre Fighting
Region US , EU
Publisher Capcom
Released 1992

Street Fighter II – The World Warrior has many similarities with the previous version. When a player participates in a one-on-one match with an opponent for up to three rounds. The player who wins the previous two rounds will win the final round. Your main goal will be to lower the opponent’s hp line to zero first. Although very rare, but the case of two people collapsed also, then the game appears Double KO, and you have to fight for an extra round. Similar to the first version, you will use 6-button machine to perform the movements. There are three stone buttons and three punch buttons with speed and power in 3 levels: Light, Medium, Heavy. And with the navigation lever, you can use to jump up, sit down, move the character, put the character on the defensive. After every three single matches, you can participate in a “bonus game” to earn additional points. With this version, the developer also added six characters with entirely new tactics for players to choose from. In single-player mode, you will play against the remaining seven main characters and confront the last four boss characters (characters you cannot own).

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