Super Adventure Island

Console SNES
Genre Adventure
Region US , EU
Publisher Hudson Soft
Released 1992

Super Adventure Island is an adventure game in one of the ten legendary SNES games released by Hudson Soft in 1992. In addition to the improved image and sound compared to the “Adventure Island” version, the game also has some new features and monsters. The rules of the game are not much different from the first version. But in this version, the companion with Master Higgins is the dinosaur of the image that has been removed. Instead, the game allows you to choose an axe or boomerang weapon and the bow, high jump feature. While an axe can only be thrown left or right, the boomerang can be thrown upwards to destroy flying monsters. Crouching and jumping high is only available after you pick up a fast run item and use it. Super Adventure Island still uses a countdown time rule, which means that when starting only 700 seconds, then the player must pick the fruits along the way to increase the playing time. With monsters appearing suddenly with deep holes, obstacles, … in the middle of the road, the game brings an incredibly frustrating feeling for you every time you lose your life. This is also the attractive point that controls players who cannot take their eyes off this game.

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