Super Bomberman

Console SNES
Genre Action
Region US , EU , JP
Publisher Hudson Soft
Released 1993

Super Bomberman is a game that uses intelligence, and it requires meticulous calculations in every step. The game takes place on a 13×11 screen, and you play the role of a robot guy who specialises in planting bombs to destroy monsters. When a weapon is installed, it explodes in seconds (giving the player time to flee). The gun after the explosion will emit flames in four basic directions, and it will destroy monsters and destroy walls. If one bomb explodes and the spark touches another, it will cause the second bomb to explode earlier, triggering a massive chain reaction. When a weapon is placed, you and the monsters can not pass through it anymore, and this feature helps you trap the monsters quite effectively. But some items help you move through walls, immortal when touching monsters but they are rare and tough to find. To get through the screen, you must destroy all the monsters, then search for the door to the next screen hidden in the obstacles. In addition to single-player, you can also join the Battle mode. The place allows four players to participate at the same time.

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