Super Mario War

Genre Adventure
Region WW
Publisher Michael Schaffer

Super Mario War is an open-source, cross-platform game built on an action-adventure platform. Gameplay elements and gameplay are taken from the Nintendo’s Super Mario series but have also been upgraded and improved a lot of new features. In-game modes, players fight with each other by jumping on top of other players to overcome them. With simple gameplay and quite easy, Nintendo’s Super Mario can completely satisfy everyone from non-gamers to professional gamers. Besides, players can use items found in power boxes to attack opponents or restore health. Power boxes will only appear when the character successfully defeats at least one monster in the way. The campaign mode in this version is based on Super Mario Bros 3, but the character will be fighting more enemies controlled by artificial intelligence (AI). An extraordinary feature that cannot fail to mention here is that you can completely create your map and customise the level of play and difficulty accordingly.

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