Tetris And Dr. Mario

Genre Puzzle
Region US , EU
Publisher Nintendo

Tetris And Dr Mario is a puzzle game released by Intelligent Systems in 1994. The game is an improved version of a combination of Tetris (1984) and Dr Mario. It was designed similarly to the same series, and the background music will appear throughout the game. With the gameplay of using colour pills to defeat the viruses will certainly not make it difficult for the player. Combining two or more pills of the same colour horizontally or vertically together (forming a group) will help destroy the red virus, yellow virus or blue virus. The pills can rotate around to form a group without any holes (help them explode, kill the virus). When a block of medication disappears, the block of medicine (any) at the top will fall to the bottom. To increase the speed of falling of the pills, you can use the press, hold, drag down. If all viruses are removed, players will be unlocked to participate in the new game. If all the folded pills reach the top of the screen, you will lose. There are two game modes in this version: “Type – A”, “Type – B” and the player mode directly (allowing you to invite friends to join).

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