Console SNES
Publisher Kemco
Genre Racing
Region EU , US
Downloads 3
Released 1993
5/5 (1 vote)
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Following the success of TOP GEAR, Kemco has launched TOP GEAR 2 to prove its heat once again. Maintaining the arcade-style gameplay as a series of games of the same genre, TOP GEAR 2 leaves an impression with more realistic graphics and sound levels. After the collision process during a battle, a breakdown of damage statistics will appear with which the vehicle’s mobility will be significantly reduced. Compared to its predecessor, the cars in this version have become more difficult to control, and the opponents also become better. Players need to finish the race in the top 10 to be able to continue participating in the next race game. Genesis ports – the refuelling port will still appear and perform the refuelling function in this mode. A small note for you: upgrading the car engine will help the car can accelerate faster, and mail can be controlled more easily. Besides the team with 62 ceramic songs from 16 different countries, the game has become a great version when successfully combining music with pain.

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