Console SNES
Publisher Kemco
Genre Racing
Region EU , US
Downloads 1
Released 1995
5/5 (1 vote)
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TOP GEAR 3000 is the 3rd version and also the last version in TOP GEAR series released by Kemco. This is the complete version when it has overcome most of the bad points of its predecessors and added new, desirable features. TOP GEAR 3000 promises to continue the success of the previous two versions. Upgrade, expansion first to mention in this version is the “weapon” mode. This mode provides the team with a cobalt – titanium armour, polymer drawers, or other types of weapons that help pass the driver ahead without having to attack. With two modes of Championship and Versus, throughout the game, you can freely choose. Championship – where the world championships will take place. With a system of 48 tracks, players will have countless experiences for each race. Each racing team will be composed of 2 – 5 people; the winning prize in each match will be divided by each member. Versus – there will only be a maximum of 4 people per game. At the same time, in every different view. In this mode, vehicle colour will be predefined and not upgraded during joining mode.

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