Console SNES
Publisher Kemco
Genre Racing
Region EU , US
Downloads 0
Released 1992
5/5 (1 vote)
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Becoming a great racer is your dream; owning the supercars that you design is what you dream of, TOP GEAR is the game that satisfies all your passion. As a racing game released by Kemco in 1992, TOP GEAR is highly regarded for its sharp, engaging graphics and addictive gameplay. Players will transform into a racer with the dream of becoming the world’s number one racer. Unlike other versions of the same genre, when you step the game, you will not be allowed to choose your racing car, but instead will choose the layout for your car. From the smallest details to the automatic gearbox or the use of manual transmissions are all for riders to choose and arrange. Throughout the race, the player will only need to control the car and shift (if using a manual transmission). Besides, riders are allowed to control “nitrous” which help speed up quickly in a short period. While the race will appear a lot of refuelling areas (if the vehicle lacks fuel can stop to replenish), If running out of fuel midway, the race will end, the player will fail.

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