WWF Royal Rumble

WWF Royal Rumble
Console SNES
Publisher Acclaim Entertainment
Genre Sport
Region EU , US
Downloads 0
Released 1993
5/5 (1 vote)
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Boxing is a martial art of violent nature, with a long history of the establishment, attracting the attention of young people. Aware of this need, Super NES and Saga Genesis launched WWF Royal Rumble, a simulation game based on the World Wrestling Federation tournament. The graphics in this version are incredibly sharp and colourful like the previous version, besides new features are also added. The game impresses players from the first time to join with a special attack. Fists are only used by the players in the ring, and in addition to the arena, players can attack opponents with steel chairs. After defeating an opponent, the character can use legal tactics to attack that makes the opponent unable to stand up and win. A small tip for you to avoid losing when defeated, through the countdown of the time, the character can roll back and forth (wait for healing, continue playing). In addition to being allowed to use basic attacks such as splashing the body, dropping the knee, beating back, … Players can use their own movements (set by the player) to attack the opponent.

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