Dragon Quest 1, 2 & 3 Collection

Console Nintendo Switch
Genre Other
Region WW
Publisher Square Enix
Released 27th Sep 2019

Dragon Quest is a popular role-playing game series released by Square Enix. With 78 million copies sold worldwide, it has become one of Square Enix’s three most successful game series besides Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts. In particular, the first three games, including Dragon Quest 1, 2, and 3 are the most popular versions. The gameplay of each version has similarities and differences. All sections require players to select a character to start the game. Carry out quests and defeat all monsters that are your main activities. The battles take place in turn and use skills with equipped weapons. Every time you complete a mission or kill an enemy, you will receive bonuses and experience to buy items and upgrade levels. However, each game version will have its own points, which are inherited or replaced from the previous version. Specifically, Dragon Quest 1 is the first game to use a turn-based battle system and randomly appear matches. The system of characters is few and simple. In Dragon Quest 2, players can gather a group of other characters and work together on the task. In addition, the second game also uses a fairly detailed map system and additional quick healing features. Dragon Quest 3 has a storyline that continues the first game. It also provides day and night feature in the game. The battle system is more attractive when adding skills to the character.

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