NES Remix Pack

NES Remix Pack
Console Wii U
Publisher Nintendo
Genre Action
Region JP , US
Views 3,001
Downloads 927
Released 5th Dec 2014 (USA)
24th Apr 2014 (JPN)
4/5 (6 votes)
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Nintendo Entertainment System (also referred to as NES) is one of the classic console systems with extremely famous 8-bit graphics in the world, including the games that made a name for Nintendo such as “Donkey Kong”, “Mario Bros.”, “The Legend of Zelda”, “Kirby’s Adventure”, … To bring to those who have never experienced these games, Nintendo has released the “NES Remix” series for the Wii U, giving players the opportunity to experience the super series of games on the NES. One of them, “NES Remix Pack” is the version with the largest number of games on NES when it gathers the titles on the two previous series, “NES Remix” and “NES Remix 2”. With a total of more than 30 different games and they are remaking most of the gameplay from the old version, as well as much improved to fit the Wii U platform. This version adds additional challenges for players, helping they can experience the games in a new and more innovative style, making these games not to fall behind in the shadow of the old version. In addition, the game also brings graphics for “NES Remix” that looks smooth, has high frame movement, and minimizes the risk of game overload or malfunction. Another feature of the game is the ranking, which evaluates the player’s records when passing the game’s challenges and compares the ranking with other players.

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